iCalendar Validator
Based on DDay.iCal version
The iCalendar Validator is used to validate calendaring data against the iCalendar (RFC 5545) standard.
These tools can be used by producers of iCalendar data to help ensure your iCalendars are standards-compliant, and by consumers of iCalendar data to check for possible errors in the iCalendars they receive.
The iCalendar Validator currently consists of a web service and this Web page, which conveniently submits data to that web service. This service uses the validation routines of DDay.iCal to check iCalendar data for potential problems. Technically speaking, the word "validation" is somewhat incorrect, as there are no definitive rules we can follow to guarantee a calendar is valid (or invalid). Perhaps a better description would be "proofing" tools; however, for practical reasons I call it "validation".
These tools were inspired by many things, namely:
  • The iCalendar Validator by Steven N. Severinghaus.
  • The persistent efforts of Jon Udell at Microsoft.
  • Aron Roberts' mockup validator.
  • The general need for a more in-depth solution.
  • Many others, including Ben Fortuna, DDay.iCal developers and contributors, and the CalConnect group.


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